Credit Card Register - LooseLeaf 100-Pack (Checkbook Cover Size)


Our loose-leaf register sheets and loose-leaf automatic transaction sheets provide the greatest flexibility among the several register designs, because you control how many sheets to assign to each credit and debit card/checking account, hence allowing you to include more accounts within a single checkbook cover than the standard size booklets or the Slim booklets allow. This is best explained in the following video:

So, as we demonstrated in the video, if you want to track up to ten, twelve, even more accounts within a single checkbook cover, this is the product you need. These can be a mix of credit cards, debit cards, and check registers. Just how many accounts you can fit into one checkbook cover is determined mostly by the design of the cover itself: Each cover will accept up to a certain thickness for the stack of sheets being inserted into the sleeve or slot designed to secure a register (in the top half of a bi-fold cover). Also, the gap between the cover's bottom section and the section just above (where the cover folds at) will impose a limit -- the wider the gap, the more sheets can fold in that area when the cover is folded. Our testing of many covers revealed that the upper slot can hold a stack of paper approximately 1/4" thick. If, for instance, only two loose-leaf sheets are assigned to each account (note that you might want one of the sheets to be an automatic transaction schedule), you'd be able to include enough loose-leaf sheets to handle up to approximately fourteen accounts in a single checkbook cover. Even more if you choose just one sheet per account. This estimate includes an allowance for the thickness of inserting one of our specially designed tab dividers between each account,  and also one sturdy coverstock sheet (which we provide) positioned at the bottom of the stack to provide a firm surface to make writing in the registers easeful.  Note that stacking many sheets into the checkbook cover will make it more bulky than when used for a single check register. Hence, we recommend that you use a checkbook cover that has a snap, velcro, or zipper closure so that the cover will stay closed and compact when not in use.
  • Each register sheet provides 13 double-line entries, or 26 single-line entries.
  • Included free with each 100-pack is a sturdy coverstock sheet to provide a firm writing surface when entering transactions in the bottom registers.
  • Also included free for your convenience is a standard two-hole fastener for storing your completed looseleaf register sheets

The register sheets are sold in packages of 100, for $8.95 per pack. Quantity discounts are also available as noted below.

Usage Tip: You can mix several register types in a single checkbook cover depending on your own needs. For example, you can include one of our standard credit card registers, a couple of Slim registers, and several loose-leaf sheets within one cover. Also, of course,  you can keep using the lower section for your checkbook and include in the upper, register, section a regular check register booklet (if you prefer not to use the debit card/checking account looseleaf registers for your checking account) along with the other credit card/debit card registers (currently debit card/checking registers in the Slim size are not available).

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